Walk of Shame

Why am I so quick to post my failures? Is it a need to vent my frustration? No I don’t think so.

Maybe it is my sick, twisted, self deprecating, sense of humour that feels I can only get a laugh if point out my flaws. It’s not enough just to admit them but I have to shine a spotlight and pronounce them for all the world to see.

Maybe I post them to help shatter the perfect mom image that we are all trying to meet. You know I’m keeping it real.

Well, whatever the reason, today is a doozy and the day isn’t over yet. Oh yah. So today my schedule had me homeschooling, cleaning, working on a family history assignment,meeting technicians, preparing for a Relief Society service project, preparing a nursery donation insert for the service sheet, and all other house hold duties. To top it all of I forgot to pull bread out from the freezer last night so I couldn’t make lunches. Because I couldn’t make lunches, I would have to bring Tweedle D home and get him back before the hour (55min) was over.

I got home from dropping Tweedle D at school, and sent Tweedle E to his room to read. During that time I was supposed to get my Family history assignment done. I called all my sisters, to only find out no one was home. Oh well, I’ll get it typed up anyway and just make changes when I get ahold of them. Multitasking at it’s finest. Just as I was finishing up I noticed the technician who was supposed to call hadn’t yet, so I put in a call to the service company to find out what was going on. After that all my sistas were returning the phone calls. They really were nice to time it one right after another. This is where it got away from me.

Needless to say I lost track of time and forgot about Tweedle D. I didn’t forget him by just mere minutes, nope 20. Yes thats right 20 minutes. Thank goodness he is so understanding. Maybe he is used to me being such a flake. So by the time I got to the school to pick him up, there was no time to make a meal and get him back.

FAST FREAKING FOOD it was. This horrible habit, crutch if you will, that I have been trying to break. Truly I am embarrassed. WHY OH WHY CAN I NOT SHAKE YOU!!!!


So against my will, my story I’m sticking to it, I went to McDonalds, pulled in to the parking lot and went inside. I was trying to save the environment by not running the car and I didn’t want to see the face of the all too familiar drive through man. He is nice and all, but I’m sure he knows my face by now and is therefore judging me.

As I grabbed the door to the “restaurant”, I realized I had my wallet, my phone (incase the tech calls), and no keys. NO KEYS! I specifically remember locking the door. OH NO!

Shamefully I called Mr. Wonderful, who justifiably was annoyed, reminded me that there were another set of keys at home and I should go get them. I was coming to the same conclusion as I was talking to him and  felt kinda stupid for calling. So there I was, walking a main street in Calgary, carrying two bags of “food” for my children followed by a teenager carrying 2 mediums and a small of high fructose corn syrup. It wasn’t really that far, but it was cold. I didn’t bring a coat. I didn’t bring a coat because I forgot my son, I was driving and in a hurry. Smart eh? It’s Canada and it’s January. What could happen?

I’m awesome.

Anyway Tweedle D was late and will probably have cancer because I feed him crap like that. What I didn’t tell you is we are out of Breakfast stuff and so I bought him a doughnut for breakfast. Oh yes I did. He talked me into it. Why not? I never do that and we were definitely not going to have fast food for lunch.

I’ll take my mom of the year award now.


5 thoughts on “Walk of Shame

  1. None of this bothers me one iota except the part about you walking with no jacket on. You are not a bad mom, but seriously, you need to wear a jacket when you go out in winter, even if you don’t think you are going to leave the car.

    But go ahead and feel terrible about the rest of it. Who am I to deprive you of your mom of the year award, with my low standards and everything? 😉

  2. lol!
    The stars must have been aligned cause I bought my kids breakfast from Macs this week. Yup blueberry muffin (its really cakes, isn’t it) plus a banana each and they had lunch from McDs that day too. Oh did I tell you we are supposed to be GFCF, sugar free, preservative free, etc?
    I’ll join you on the podium for the award ceremony!

  3. One of my kiddos forgot his lunch but when his teacher called to let me know I told her he’d have to share with his brother because once my hubby leaves for work I DON’T HAVE A CAR.
    She took pity on him and bought him some snacks from the store at the school. And then included a note requesting reimbursement.
    Another time she sent a note home asking if the kids could wear mitts and snow pants. (the kids weren’t complaining! and plus I was sure they were just going to lose their mittens)
    I’m sure she thinks I’m an idiot.

    I have come to the conclusion that becoming a parent hasn’t made me any better at any of the things I wasn’t good at before. It’s just more glaringly obvious and spread out over more people now.

    • LOL….Oh Mrs. Two Mittens! CRACK me up!! I can’t believe she requested reimbursement. Let them share!
      I am killing myself laughing at the three of us mothers.
      We are stellar!

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