…I wish I was creative and brilliant. I can be, it’s just not the season for it.

…I wish I was more patient with my children, when they shut down, I shut down. I don’t know what it is, but seriously that has got to change.

…I wish I ate better. I’m doing better than I was in the past but still there is huge room for improvement. Did you know there is more caffeine in a soda than in green tea? Almost twice as much per 8 oz. I find that interesting.

…I wish I was a better house keeper. I think that the frustration I feel sometimes is due to clutter. I try to spend time cleaning but there are really only so many hours in a day.

…It is possible to multitask too many things and have some/all of it fail.

…I need to not let others lives colour my own.

…I need to worry less about money and start handling it.

…I am so glad that I took Tweedle E to the home schooling co-op. Thats one goal I can check off my list.

…I need to stop worrying about my forehead wrinkles. I’m getting older get over it, plus that worry is probably not helping with the wrinkles.



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