Love Bugs

While I have a few minutes, Tweedle E is practicing his piano, I am looking over valentine crafts to do with my nursery class. We have a lot of young ones this year (18 months) so I’m trying to find things that are easy. In the past I have just given them a valentine, but I thought maybe this year, they could make something.

I totally Loved this idea from Skip to My Lou, but lately I have a thing about giving the kids candy. I want to give them a treat, but there are some who’s sugar consumption is off the charts even without my contribution. So instead, I refrain. Makes me sad, cause I am really good at making treats. At least I think so.

Anyway, if I could just figure out something that those little fingers with their muffled dexterity could do that doesn’t look like junk, that would be great. If you interneters could help me, that would be great too. Great! Now we are all great!

Oh and by the way, if you have a man who likes chocolate, check out this candy bar wrapper printable link.

Would love to do this in My Living Room. I have 3 Kids. It would be Perfect.


3 thoughts on “Love Bugs

  1. Are you on Pinterest? There are some great ideas posted. Including one with a valentine’s pencil and a heart or something that says, “You’re just write for me” The kiddos could color the heart to their best of their abilities or glue glitter on it…something…
    This is a good link too.

  2. What if you did the butterflies but with a red, pink, or white crayon instead of the sucker? another thought I had was to cut out felt, foam, or construction paper hearts and decorate with jeweled or sparkly stickers. Stickers may be easier than glue for the really little ones. You could also have them string red, white, and pink beads on pipe cleaners and then shape the cleaners into hearts and string on yarn to make valentine necklaces.

    • I learned last month that most kids 3 and under have difficulty stringing beads and my 18 month olds tried to eat the beads. Haha. I’m thinking about sun catchers made with melted crayons and wax paper. We could melt the crayon hearts one week and make boarders the next.

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