Third time is the charm?

I’d like to introduce you to Taloolah. that’s the name of my new camera. I bought her with my camera money. I did not go into debt with her. Yay me!

What? She doesn’t look like my canon 60D with a 18-200 image stabilization zoom lens? You’re right she doesn’t and sadly for the 3rd time I have had to use my camera money for something that it wasn’t meant for, but I am at peace.

I still have a hope that when income tax comes around I can use some to just buy a body. It probably won’t happen but I can still hope. Then next year at this time I can get a lens or maybe my family can listen to me when I say all I want is money towards my camera. Then again I’m not good at listening to them. Apparently Tweedle D only wanted a tie for Christmas and he didn’t get that either.

C’est la vie.



One thought on “Third time is the charm?

  1. Being a grownup isn’t nearly as much fun as you had imagined, is it? Yeah, money is a whole different ballgame when you’re a mother.

    I hope you can get the camera of your dreams soon! In the meantime, “Welcome Taloolah, live long (PLEASE!)”

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