Please note this may be a bit of a depressing post. My plan is to distract you from that fact with colour and pictures from a time when I did have a camera and a computer that would let me upload photos.

My last post was a bit of a download of my feels about home schooling and my busy life. Things haven’t changed much except that since then Our net book has gotten a virus, the roof got ripped up in a windstorm, I made a mistake in the purchase of a TV stand I love, and the water was shut off.



The water is back on now. I made cuts into Loved TV stand only to find out when measuring the amp I should have accounted for the knob and cord hook up in the back. I proceeded with roof repairs without consulting an insurance agent and just notified the landlord, we will see how that goes. As for the net book it was being held ransom by some spyware. I think I fixed it on my own. So I’m feeling pretty good about that one. 🙂


Home Schooling and work are still conflicting and truthfully I would just love to toss it all and work on cleaning my house. So I’m kinda doing that today and maybe tomorrow. Tweedle E is taking it easy doing some little things here and there. Its not a complete break.

Please don’t judge.

I’m still in “midreno”. Its not a real renovation, no walls have been harmed in the painting of my kitchen (which isn’t done). I am still in need of another bookcase and some doors to finish a look in my living room. I hate it when things aren’t finished, but that seems to be the story of my life.

My aunt was diagnosed with cancer back in July/ August. She began radiation treatments and chemo in September. She saw he doctor in November and it appears that the tumor hasn’t shrunk. This has been quite a blow as the treatments have been really hard on her. She has lost over 20 lbs and is in pain constantly. My cousin came to help a second time since August and has told us there is one positive. Her pain is easing up a bit. For that I am grateful. 

Can I just interject here? I just want to say “I HATE CANCER!” When my sister’s niece said it was an evil dragon she was right. It is an ugly disease that not only takes apart families, but it takes away your dignity or at least tries very hard too.

My aunt and her immediate family are amazing. They have so much faith. Not the kind of blind, she will be healed no mater what, faith. They have the faith that God will do what is best for her. They are fighting the cancer so she can live, but if that is not what happens, they are ok with it. I truly admire them and really how can I complain. I still get my runs in, my kids are healthy, we have a roof over our head (all be it a temporary one), we have sufficient for our needs. 

In other news, my husband gets the week between Christmas and New Years off. That hasn’t happened since… ever. I don’t know what to do with him. Maybe I should focus on that… and get back to my house. I can’t take too much of a break or the judges who judge and find my blog by googling, will use it for fodder.

Hope you liked my pictures.



3 thoughts on “Barely

  1. Oh! Hang in there!
    I admire you for homeschooling. As you may know, one of our sons has severe ADHD & add to that, that he is really, really bright…..well, lets just say that homeschooling has crossed my mind and scares the daylights out of me.
    Do you have any fellow homeschoolers close by….who have similiar gifts/challenges? Someone else who “gets” it and can offer some support and share ideas with?
    You’re right….cancer sucks. I know you didn’t use that word, but I will for you. Your family’s strength and faith are admirable. We all need a dose of that.
    May your house magically be in the order you wish….may a cookie fairy deliver some treats to you….may your schooling challenges disappear…..and may there be laughter in your day!

  2. The only constant is change. That means, basically, “This too shall pass.” And all the other nonsensical platitudes I can come up with for this comment.

    It’ll be okay, really. Sorry about your roof and all that other stuff. Not fun. 😦

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