Yawn, Download

I am coming from a place of pure exhaustion. I haven’t been sleeping well for a month. Tweedle 3’s sleep patterns are all askew. He wakes up every night at least once. Mostly to go to the bathroom or get a drink or both, but its dark. He is little and consequently  he comes to the one who gives him comfort. Me. I’m ok with it, but I would like to have a reprieve once in a while, but how can you say no to him?

Home schooling is going. It’s definitely not all fun and roses. I do feel Tweedle E is getting more out of being at home, but I wonder at times the toll this is taking on our own personal relationship. Math is going well and we are finally getting into the writing. He is enjoying reading and finished his third book. We took a break from First Nations people of Canada as Neither He nor I were inspired. We are now studying Ancient Greece as that is what he is interested in right now.

Home schooling takes a lot of my energy and with work being so busy and demanding I hardly have time for much else. My home is a bit of a disaster and laundry is behind. Thankfully its not so behind, people still have clothes to wear. I’m not sure about the pace I am keeping. I feel as though I am able to “keep up” now, but in the no too distant future something will have to go. Right now I am not sure what that is.

The Bishop (Mr. Wonderful) is busy doing his bishop stuff and work has been so busy that he is feeling the pressure. I don’t feel as though our family is neglected. He does his best to make time, but even when he can’t it’s alright. I know where he is (figuratively, he doesn’t tell me anything. Clergy are supposed to keep confidences) and it’s not like we are in a crisis. We’re good.

The days are shorter and the nights are longer. I feel like curling up in my royal blue snuggie and sleeping till spring. I haven’t exercised all that much this week so that might have something to do with my tiredness. I’m more munchie too. I think there is a natural instinct to become more sedentary  in the latter part of the year. I have no proof of this but I can see how putting on some “winter weight” would have been necessary for survival back before there was central heating. Its hard to fight evolution.

Yawn, pass the chips chocolate.

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