It Came a little early this year.

Maybe it’s because the snow is still on the ground in places, and maybe because we are about to dip to unspeakable temperatures, but I have been wanting to decorate. In fact it was all I could do to resist the urge to decorate before Remembrance Day. Growing up we had a tradition of waiting till the first Monday in December to put up the tree.  Mr. Wonderful says that is too early. Bah___!

So I’ve decided to wait to put up the tree. I’ll give it another week, but that hasn’t stopped me from fixing the  star lights to the window frame, or putting my wreath on the door. We (myself and the kids) have taken to making snow flakes. Star Wars ones. Perhaps you have seen them. We have only made two, and might I suggest an exacto- knife. There are some pretty intricate cuts to be made.

Here is something I came across last year and thought “COOL”. If I had more time, a modern house, and wouldn’t miss the glow that comes from the twinkly lights, I might attempt something like it.

Well happy decorating, and if you see anything else cool let me know.


4 thoughts on “It Came a little early this year.

  1. I have to wait until after American Thanksgiving. Paul was pretty surprised to hear me listening to Christmas music “already” today. Those Star Wars snowflakes are first on my list!

  2. I am always surprised to hear Christmas music playing in stores. I am not one who gets into the Christmas mood early. Snow doesn’t help me think of Christmas, either, it just makes me grumpy. That said, I am quite pleased with my Santa penguin solar lights this year. However, they might be my only decoration this year. (Unless I have family over for dinner. Then I guess I will have to drag out the decorations.)

  3. Thanks for the Star Wars Flake link/info. My W will be thrilled! He’s all about Star Wars.
    That suspended tree looks amazing….and difficult….and not for a home where my 4yr old lives!:) I too have been resisting the urge but snuck in a few snowmen, wreathe, and outdoor lights. Plus the kids xmas movies are out. 🙂 Have you been on Pinterest? There’s always a fresh idea there.

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