The Man

You see, I’ve got this husband who is generous, loving and kind. He is also a very social animal (and by animal I mean all the good things that come with that term, we do belong to that Kingdom). Anyway….

Every year I try to think of something fantastic, original and frankly awesome to get my sweet man for Christmas. So here is the conundrum. He doesn’t “want” anything. Sure there are things he would like, be he doesn’t really need them and therefore doesn’t “want” them. They (they being the things he would like) would just be one more thing that clutters our already tiny space. If I get him anything, it has to be FANTASTIC, AWESOME or OUTSTANDING. It has to be worth the real-estate that this item will take up in our home.

Last year I started a quillow for him and he came home at a not common time and wrecked the whole surprise. Most of the fun is in the surprise and sadly after that was taken away I haven’t made much progress. I still plan on finishing it, I just don’t want that to be his gift for Christmas this year. How cheap can a wife get? Really??!!!

So here I apply to you, the internet, who know my husband less than I do, but might have better ideas, HELP! What would you get your man for Christmas. It’s so ironic that I would ask people for ideas to pass off as original thought, but here I am.


5 thoughts on “The Man

  1. We are in the same boat my friend! The things that Mike wants are too expensive for me, (a trip to Australia, video camera, etc.) The worst part for me is that his birthday is two days later! sTinK!!

  2. I know the things Ches wants, and as much as he and Tim are alike, I’m not sure Tim would appreciate a new baton or a trumpet method book…

    I have no idea what I’m actually going to get Ches this year. Money is tight (as usual) and I can’t get him what I really, *really* want to. And Tim already has one, so you can’t take that suggestion either. Sorry. Good luck!

  3. As Tim is a social animal why not get him an experiance gift. Tikets to a concert or gift certificates to a favorite restraunt or a sporting event that he may enjoy. Think out of the box. Independant bands, dinner theater, a play at the college or university, a day of golf. All may lie within the budget and best of all, it’s a gift of a date with you mixed in.

    P.S. No house real estate to worry about.

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