Tonight was what I needed. Homeschooling, working, house keeping, serving it can all be very taxing. It can make me feel like I need to run away. Maybe that is why I run. Hmmm. Anyway, being pulled in many directions, and doing a not so good job at anything can give you a bit if a low self esteem.

Often the stress from being with the kids all day and night, leads me to finding moments when I can just be alone, but not tonight. It was just me and the boys, no dirty house, no phone calls, no emails, and surprisingly no fighting. Ok maybe a bit of picking but not enough to make my skin crawl. It probably helped we went to see a movie (so no talking) and I separated the main culprits.

We saw the movie Puss in Boots. I was fully expecting it to be juvenile, and frankly below me. Not in a it’s not worth my time kind of way, but in an I am not a 6 year old boy kind of way.

When we walked in the theater I thought we had the wrong one. It was mostly filled with adults. I even had Tweedle D go out and make sure we were where we were supposed to be. The last thing I wanted was a Texas Chainsaw moment or worse yet a 9and a 1/2 weeks moment to flash on the screen and scar my kids for life.

The part I liked most was the relaxed enjoyment of one another’s company with no pressures. We had planned a weekend like this and it got cancelled so for us to have these two hours of heaven was a miracle. Truly it was.

I’m excited for next weekend and am looking forward to having nothing to do. I am going to try to not to book anything work or church related, because in a couple of weeks our weekends are not our own until January.

Maybe we will take a day trip, get out of the house, away from the blessed TV a find some fun. Take the weekend we were supposed too, this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Purrrfect

  1. Us too! Puss in Boots! And funnier was listening to my husband laugh out loud at the movie.:)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, that includes a little “me” time for you.

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