St George Too.oh

Sunday evening we thought we would take some free tours. We had gone to church and drove to Mesquite because at 1:00 it’s too hot for the Canadians to
Hike on a fast Sunday without water. Plus our motel didn’t have pool.

Unfortunately all tours were closed. We watched the last one finish up just as we pulled in to Brigham Young’s summer home.

We drove around for a bit and found town square. Um, it’s-awe-some. The had this fountain that was a “classy spray park”. Sure I had played in fountains before but I wasn’t supposed too. This one was for the kids but looked nice too.

We also walked a little further and found a river through the square but it was like a wading pool. Way classier than Riley Park. The kids took off their socks and shoes and found relief.

A bit of a jaunt west if the river was the most well maintained carousal I have ever seen. And all around were works of art. The whole square and area was an outdoor gallery. So cool. I like St. George. I wouldn’t mind snow birding there.








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