Routines: They’re not just for gymnastics anymore.

We have been home 9 days. I guess I should have taken it as a sign when Tweedle 3 noticed we were blocks from home as uttered, “What about our trip? We can’t go home!!. Our Trip! Our Trip!” The transition from holiday to everyday has been hard for everyone. The Tweedles have been crying to be entertained. They don’t feel that chores are their responsibility. Frankly, I am right there with them… on the inside.

I have managed to cook 2 dinners, made from things we already had at home. Say yes to spaghetti. I also made pizza from the left over sauce and finally I made steak kabobs with salad and shrimp and green beans. I guess that makes 3 meals, Oh wait, For sunday dinner I made turkey breast, potatoes and green beans. I’m doing better than I thought, less than 50% is still not good.

Anyway, to combat this idle, lazy, holiday funk we are in I have been trying to establish routines. I am my father’s daughter. I told the kids that starting last monday we will rehearse getting ready. Day one went well not fantastic, but well. Day two was a little smoother (perhaps it was because Tweedel D was at a sleep over) but we would still be late for school. Days 3 and 4 were pretty much shot and today… well today we are as the preverbal salmon swimming up stream. Maybe this is all because its a “rehearsal”.

Funny word rehearsal, it has the word hearse in it, the main transportation mode for dead bodies and that is what I feel like I am working with, but I digress.

Something I have learned these past few days are my kids are not verbal. They cannot hear instruction and then do it (unless I repeat it 50 times and by the 50th time my voice is above the conversation decibel level). I don’t know exactly what they are but I do know a little of what they are not. They are NOT verbal.

I am sure you are all rolling you eyes right now thinking, well duh!! (Kinda like I did when the S&P lowered the United States credit rating almost 3 weeks ago) they’re boys. Most boys aren’t verbal.

So on to Phase Two: Lists and Pictures. I have a love hate relationship with lists. I like making them and I think they are great for reminding me what I need to do, but paper ugh! and hanging the checklist on a wall is so counter productive to my decor plans. I need something that will look good too, but not look “crafty”, otherwise I might as well just put up a piece of paper with scribbled notes of what ever on it. I’m not Crafty! I am classic… or at least I want to be. Until I find said chart/ list/graphic, I will put my piece of paper up, but I won’t like it. See the sacrifice I am making? I have to, I am in the business of raising humans.


2 thoughts on “Routines: They’re not just for gymnastics anymore.

  1. Buy yourself a subtly coloured or watermarked paper, and a frame that goes with the decore of the room and print out your lists in a cool, stylish font. Another Idea is to have your lists printed small, laminated and on hung on lanyards and you hand them to the kids when they wake up or have a specific chore to do. For example have a clean up bedroom list that you can hang around the kids neck and give them a dry erase marker to check off each step. Just some ideas.

  2. I was just thinking this morning about how this business of raising children is not for the faint of heart. It’s hard, dirty work that you should do wearing gloves up to your elbows (both proverbial gloves, and the real ones if possible.) It’s a good reminder for me, because I sometimes get it into my head that it should be easy. I need frequent reminds that it should not be easy, that it is a big task, and I thought I was up to the challenge and it is my responsibility to put on my big girl pants and get to work!

    Are you using the list for a chore chart, or for the morning routine? I have not done a rehearsal, and am dreading the morning routine that’ll start in ten days. TEN DAYS! I am not ready for summer to be over. I’m not ready to be responsible yet.

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