This Is How We Do it (part two)

I had decided to split Canada Day into multiple posts for fear that one post would be too long or too picture heavy. I didn’t want anyone (including myself) to forget about how the day went.

So after the lanterns we kicked it up with a back yard wiener and marshmallow roast. Just so you know we didn’t eat them together, they just ended up in the stomach together.

That fire looks almost toxic

He looks as good as his hotdog.

Another Yummy Kid.

Here is a a couple hints on making smores easier.

Method #1 use a cookie that has one side chocolate. I prefer to use President’s Choice Concerto Cookies in a dark chocolate, my husband prefers the milk.

Method #2  stuff a chocolate chip or two into your marshmallow before roasting. Then all of the melty goodness is in one package.

2 thoughts on “This Is How We Do it (part two)

  1. One other method that I’ve heard of and am excited to try is to spread nutella on the graham crackers. That sounds so yummy as I am a big fan of hazel nuts and chocolate.

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