This Is How We Do It (part one)

While you were out partying madly, so were we. It all began with our annual “I Cana-do it” L____ family fun run. Sorry no pictures. Unlike Zooey Dechanel in Yes Man, I cannot fill that niche.

After our quest for Health, we attended a Canada Day Parade. This one was lamer than it was last year and by lamer I mean less floats, a 5 minute intermission, and less candy. The “fans” were lamer too. At one point there were teenagers, a father and a two year old all rushing a moving vehicle to get candy. The father and two year old were related. After a near miss I bribe my children and nieces and nephews with a special trip to the convenience store. I think next year there should be NO candy. That would learn them.

After our Extreme Parading, we napped to gain strength for…

… water balloon toss


Then we painted..

battery tree lanterns. They are essentially a painted mason jar, with a battery tea light, tied into the tree with twine. They look so good at night.

Bet you want to make one for your yard and next party.


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