He is Number Four

I tried to plan you the best 4 year old party ever. It ended up coming together as a nice dinner with some nice people. At least you got a cake. For a while there I wasn’t sure that would even happen. The great thing about you is even at 4 you are cool. You can appreciate everything. Even going to pick up Dad’s “new” car, instead of birthday awesomeness was alright by you. Maybe that is because you are 4. Anyway what I’m trying to say. Is you are awesome, so glad I had you, and I’ll make it up to you by taking you to CARS 2.

I swear my children are vibrating all the time.

Favorite Colour: Blue

Favorite Food: A Toss up between pizza and chicken nuggets.

Favorite Song: The not to common “All Creatures of Our God and King” No seriously!

Favorite Movie: I suspect it will be CARS 2 after we see it, but right now its anything STAR WARS.

Favorite Toy: Up until a couple of days ago I would have said the Wii, but since you got your Lego haven’t stopped. Its been a peaceful 2 days. Yay.

Other things: You are incredibly flexible. Lately you have taken to doing russians and then putting your nose to the floor. Seriously, where does that flexibility come from? You went to Gymnastics with your cousin and haven’t stopped talking about it since.

You are also very friendly. You wave hi to everyone and I mean everyone. You are also a lover of puppies although a couple of weeks ago you got a fright from a large dog. You are slowly getting over it.


One thought on “He is Number Four

  1. I love that you say your children are vibrating at all times. We refer to our boys as the Perpetual Motion children, so your comment really resonanted with me. It’s hard to get a picture to focus when the subject won’t stay still!

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