It is finished. As of 1 hour ago school is done (at least for 2 months). Now let the bickering begin… Just kidding….I think. In a quest for a not bummer summer (thank you Judy Moody) I think we will make a list of 20 things that we want to do this summer, you know, to make it fun. I think 20 is doable if the weather holds. But before I get too ahead of myself on what we might do, I need to catch up on what I have done.

This past week I opened a bakery. Not really but I should have. 2 weeks ago I only had my youngest tweedle’s birthday cake to make, but then all of a sudden I had, a French class picnic that needed cookies, a bake sale that needed cupcakes, a summer birthday celebration that needed something a cake and teacher gifts. I out sourced the cookies for french to my eldest since he wanted too and it was his class. So here is what I have been baking.

 Hamburger Cupcakes for water in Africa

Monogram Cookies for Ethan’s summer birthday celebration

Tweedle 3’s Star Wars Birthday cake complete with snow trooper. Although it was a crummy trooper, he recognized it so that’s good.


Butterfly cookies used in the Instant Tea Party Teacher gift.

Just think in 2 more weeks I have another Birthday to celebrate… then another and another. No wonder I am fat. Ok not fat, but not in control.


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