Dandy Fires

They are really called dandelions, but thanks to my sons friend David, they will now be called Dandy-fires. I like how it rolls off the tongue and it also feeds my “pyro” tendencies. There isn’t going to be a fire, but the thought that perhaps one might be able to have one is always promising. Don’t worry. I’m healing. There is no leprechaun telling me to burn things… anymore.

Seriously I’m kidding.

Anyway despite the new name they, like the rose, still smell sweet. Or in other words they are still weeds (despite what my sister says) and should not be anywhere near my garden. Alas I have inherited with the property, a dandy fire farm of sorts.

Today I spent 45 minutes removing dandy fires from my lawn (in an eco friendly manner). I only got 1/3 of my front lawn done. There were still ones too tiny for the tool so really I am not done that section at all. The good news… I don’t need to hire a pro, or rent a machine to aerate my lawn. Yes!

Another Positive… I hear dandelions dandy fires are eatable. So if you are hankering for some greens for your salad or some bits to make a tea, come on over. Don’t worry, if there isn’t enough in the front, I’ve got way more in the back.



One thought on “Dandy Fires

  1. Is it highly unsensitive of me that as I saw that picture of your yard, the phrase “in flanders fields where poppies grow row on row” entered my mind?

    Good luck with putting out your dandy fires not with water, but with ingenuity and patience.

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