I Took My Love, and I Took It Down.

This song has been playing over and over in my head. I think what they call this is an earworm. I don’t like earworms, sound yucky. I do like this song. Every time I try to understand what the message is I get something different. I know its about change, and  reflection. That is the constant.


In other news, we are sans camera again. My wee littlest tweedle has struck again. This time he snuck it out of the case and took it to bed with him. He must have been snapping some pictures and fell asleep on the lens. Now it’s bent and the camera won’t close. This one didn’t even last a year. Mr Wonderful said I should be happy. Now I get to get the camera I want, but how can I be happy when I don’t want to spend huge amounts of money right now? Will he just sneak the more expensive DSLR into bed with him and break that one too?


We are selling our Durango. Its a 2005 limited edition. Its power everything. It has heated seats and heated mirrors. I know come winter I will miss the AWD and the heated seats, but we cannot afford the gas. Well we can but we need two cars and this one is taking a huge portion of our budget making it impossible to get a second car. Ok maybe not impossible. I just hate debt and don’t want to over extend ourselves. I would rather live in a house than a car. Just sayin’


Camping season has begun. At least for my Eldest Tweedle. He went this last friday. Then he will be gone with the school for a week soon. By the time we leave for our reunion he won’t want to be anywhere near a tent. I’m almost sure of it.


Tweedle E was in the show choir for the school play this past week. The students wrote the play this year which sure explains a lot. I thought they did a pretty good job. Some parents were complaining about the quality of the show compared to previous years. I personally thought they did pretty good. It was much better than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be more skit-ish. I saw the dress rehearsal that they put on for the rest of the school. My husband saw closing night. The band that performed in the middle for me played some unknown (possibly original) number. When Mr. Wonderful went, they played “Crazy Train”. I think they had him at the first duna duna duna.



3 thoughts on “I Took My Love, and I Took It Down.

  1. I’m sad for you about your camera. Have you looked into getting a used one? People upgrade all the time and sell perfectly good used ones for a lot less. I’m not 100% sure who a reputable seller would be, but I think I would ask at The Camera Store or Vistek for starters. There might be a great deal out there with your name on it 😉

  2. I LOLed when you said, the students wrote it themselves which explains a lot and then I was proud of you for saying they did well. Nice job Mom. Sorry about your heated seats and your camera. We had heated seats on holiday and I’m pretty sure ordinary seats will never be good enough again. 😦

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