What a weekend.

Woke up Friday morning to stories of nearly 300 killed. Poor Alabama. I’ve lived through one tornado and it was very scary. In truth we weren’t as close as it felt but we could see it from our back yard. I can only imagine the horror that those poor people experienced. In the dark with really nowhere to go.

Then juxtaposed against this was THE ROYAL WEDDING. I didn’t get up at 3:00 am to see it. In fact I waited until TLC had a replay. Can I just say I hate TLC? I guess I already did. Their commentary was rude. Thank goodness they had the sense to shut their mouths during the actual ceremony.

Doesn’t Catherine look beautiful? I think the dress was beautiful and they look happy. Now check our the pageboys. Ha ha The Royals are going to have their hands full with those two.

Now in more local news, my husband had to officiate at his first funeral on Saturday, and we had a family birthday. Happy Birthday Penny! Then Sunday after regular meetings my husband was officiating at a baptism. We stayed home from the baptism because the boys needed to be in bead at a decent hour.

Then just before we were to retire, Breaking World News: Osama Bin Laden is dead. At first I didn’t believe it. Then I felt a sense of relief and then I felt sadness. I guess I just find it hard to “celebrate” death, even if I don’t like the guy. I think he should have been tried and then executed, you know, if they found him guilty. I think he’s guilty but I think the world should have had that opportunity to decide.

Now its time for me to decide. Its Election day. The world doesn’t stop for anyone, not even the Royals.


One thought on “What a weekend.

  1. I was looking at the link you posted for the Royal Wedding photos, and let me just say, it’s good to know that even royalty can have photos where children aren’t smiling/looking at the camera 🙂

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