These Are The Moments.

My youngest has taken to saying “shut up”. I’m so proud. Not! It’s not just because he has heard it before, but now his motivation is to get a reaction. With a little smirk on the face, and directly looking at me he says, “E____ , will you just shut up.” He is not yelling he justs wants to see how Me and E will react. What a stinker.

The smirk I think is cute however there is saggy feeling that washes through me every time that he says something like this. It really bothers me. Those words are not aloud in my house. I have uttered them in real frustration and desperation and regretted the moment I said them. Now it seems that it has become a part of his regular vernacular. I think I broke him. These are the moments where one feels like they failed.


2 thoughts on “These Are The Moments.

  1. Poopy is really big in our house. As is kick your butt and your butts getting bigger…and just a grunt or two too. Oh I love almost 4rs! I’m trying the ignore it route because giving him “big trouble and a big timeout” is NOT working. So…if you’re at ACH or somewhere we hang out and hear a little fluffy cheeked boy tell you your butt is getting bigger and
    his mother does nothing??? Well, she’s trying that ignore it and it’ll go away routine.
    Let me know what works for you and little Mr. Get A-Reaction!;)

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