Spring Broken

I had this whole post on how spring break was broken complete with graphs etc. The graphs wouldn’t load and basically it was whiny and I don’t like whiny.

Anyway it broke down how much spring break didn’t meet the expectations of myself or my children. I had arbitrarily assigned the number 10 to meets expectation 100% and placed each day on a sliding scale in relation to that potential 10. What I discovered is that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Although we had a pitiful day on Thursday, we always seem to have a pitiful day on Thursday I should look into that, the rest of the week wasn’t that bad. We had two really good days and the rest were above average, assuming 5 is average. Really this is the least scientific study out there and 11 days doesn’t a representative sample make, but it does give me a “snap shot”.

So does my eldest’s following statement:

“If this is what summer break is going to be like, then we are in trouble.”

What does that mean? If the week “statistically” came out above average (remember the assumptions) then why are he and I so coloured by the experience and consider this almost but not quite, an epic fail. This may have been, in fact, the worst spring break either of us have experienced as spring breaks go. Maybe in the context of a year this was a good week, but in the context of spring breaks, this one was broken.

Then it occurred to me, maybe, just maybe, my kids are getting to an age where they….um… don’t want to hang out with me. *sniff* Maybe they want to do things that involve friends and since friends are in day camps it sucks for them.

They did get to hang out with some friends two days during that week and guess what? Those were some of our best days… for both of us. They were a little lower for me on that sliding scale because I had plans and we dropped them so they could play. Maintaining peer relationships are sometimes hard for them especially when everyone they “click” with tends to move away, so they played.

So what I need to do is take this information and form a plan. A plan that will help us get through the LONG summer. I guess I do need to get them involved in something, chores and then sprinkler isn’t going to cut it anymore.


2 thoughts on “Spring Broken

  1. My mom had me, my 3 brothers, my two cousins and the neighbor girl from the down the street for breaks and summers. Here are some things I remember doing, and I came from a cheap family!

    -play in the river making dams and pools at Sandy Beach (I don’t know how different it is now, tho)
    -go to Riley Park (in Kensington), an outdoor wading pool with no admission (last I know) with a concession stand and a park not too far away
    -one year we got Calaway Park passes, but really, that gets old really fast – or maybe I was too old by then
    -we used to get zoo passes, but that was when it was like – $15 for the year, don’t know what that’s like now
    -bike rides and picnics
    -my dad would take us canoeing down the bow
    -sometimes we’d stay at home, but then somehow we’d all get muddy and ruin the garden, so do with that what you will….we also had a trampoline.
    -dumpster diving. Yes, you read right. This wasn’t a planned activity, but it just happened with 5 boys all together. Anytime my mom would stop and go shopping anywhere, they got into the dumpster and pulled out some ‘treasures’. Eventually, tho, the Frito-Lay warehouse started locking theirs….
    -the bird sanctuary (is that around still?)
    -Pierce Estate Park/fish hatchery by Inglewood – there’s bbq pits and bushes for ‘mazes’ and creek for playing in. hurray! there used to be a sand volleyball court, too.
    -Costco. Yes, this was an errand, but it was fun to have all the kids piled onto a flat bed, and have the other flat bed be for the food. Also, we could stop and get all the goodies along the way 🙂 Would that be a safety hazard now??
    -Drumheller once in a while, drive out to a lake sometimes (don’t ask me where)

    One of the great things, too, was that with so many of us, we could just go off in groups and play and have fun and not have to be watched every second. If safety is something hindering you from doing some of these activities, I’m sorry the world’s turned out that way.

    Goodness, this could have been a blogpost all on it’s own! And really, I don’t even know if you were asking for help…

    Maybe this will be one of your best summers yet 😉

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