Using My Noodle

Today is the day. Ever since I found out a friend of Tweedle D’s made his own noodles for chicken noodle soup, I have thought, I want to do that too. After all if an 8 year old can do it so can I. That was almost 3 years ago. Nothing like procrastinating eh? Where did the time go? I certainly wasn’t making noodles.

Well now its spring 2011 , you wouldn’t know it from looking outside, and I am making noodles, but not just any noodle. I am using leftover spinach from last night dinner. Take that Owen and take that Jessica Seinfeild.

I just pureed my spinach with an egg and added enough flour to make a dough. The recipe can be found here.

Then I rolled it out… and let it sit. I went and did a load of laundry, swept my floor, paid some bills. That takes about 20 min right? Maybe not but I was getting IMPATIENT, So I followed the instructions for rolling the dough before you cut and yah that didn’t work for me. The dough just stuck together. I tenderly pried the dough apart and used the trusty pizza cutter.

The next step was to let dry for 2 hours on a drying rack. Drying rack? Who has a drying rack? I bet Owen and Jessica do. Oh well use what you have.

MacGyver would be so proud, and full, cause I would feed him.

See, told ya.

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