Dinner Bites

I started this post a few times and it just kept turning into a rant on emotional eating. I kept deleting and eating, deleting and eating. So obviously something needed to come out. I private posted and now hopefully this will give way to my amazing dinner last night.

So yesterday I was blog-stalking like I do. I came upon a recipe and decided to make it. I was so excited that I started at 2:30pm. BTW you don’t need that much time. Needless to say we ate early… like 4:20 pm and that was after procrastinating putting them in the oven for a bit. Oops. I also ran out of some pizza ingredients so I filled some with jam, drizzled chocolate sauce and a dollup of whipped cream . Voila! Dessert.

All of the instructions are on the website except for a pizza dough recipe. I don’t like to use the prepackaged as they are full of stuff I can pronounce but not make without a lab and some beakers. So here is my crust recipe and its great. You don’t need to let it rises for hours and it makes 2 thin crusts, or enough to make 40 smallish size bites.

Pizza Dough

1 Cup warm water

1 tbsp each sugar and yeast

1/4 cup oil

pinch of salt

3 cups flour

Combine 1 cup warm water, 1 tbsp sugar, and 1 tbsp yeast. Let stand for 10 minutes. Then add 1/4 cup oil, a pinch of salt and 3 cups flour. Cover and let rest 15 minutes. Spread out with grease fingers on pans/stones and cover with toppings. Bake at 450 for 10-15 min. Check at the 10 minute mark because everyones oven is different.


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