“Just Keep Swimming.” – Dori from Finding Nemo

Profound words from a blue fish. When things get dark and you don’t know what to to do, sometimes all you can do is “just keep swimming.”

It is sometimes hard to remember that “this too shall pass”, especially when we are in the “why does it have to happen in the first place?” place. Its easy to get caught up in the, I hate my house, why are my kids h*!!- bent on failing school? Why are government cutbacks ruining it for children with special needs everywhere? Why is it snowing yet again? Where did this mountain of laundry come from? Why am I so cold?

Just so you know my kids don’t want to fail, they just cannot get there acts together to hand in assignments… or finish them completely. So we have to spend the one day off that Mr. Wonderful has, doing nothing but homework. In the past month I have received two phone calls and an email for one child and had meetings, emails, Dr. appointments and assessments for the other. It can be seriously draining.

My problems are really not that big. I am not fighting government oppression, I am not buried under a pile of rubble. I really am quite blessed. I live in a relatively safe neighbourhood, my family is healthy and we have sufficient for our needs.  But they are real. Often it seems I am like that guy who is pushing against that rock that will not budge. Is it not budging because I need to learn something? Is it making me stronger? or Am I kicking against the pricks? Am I stuck where I am because of poor decisions? Is it groundhog day? And why does it seem that NO ONE else is going through this?

I am working through some of these questions and really trying to solve the kid thing. We have some options. If things don’t pan out there might be some drastic changes coming our way. I am not really prepared to discuss them here as I am not ready for trolls to come out and tell me how unreasonable I am being. I am also not ready to accept that some of these changes will mean a huge sacrifice on my part. Change is hard. All I can do is “just keep swimming.”


6 thoughts on ““Just Keep Swimming.” – Dori from Finding Nemo

  1. Alyson you are one strong lady!!! I love your positive attitude even when it is hard to be positive. Even though your problems may be small compared to others, they are real and they are hard. I hope things work out, you will know what to do because you are amazing!

  2. I have deciced not to compare my problems to other’s (except when mine are obviously worse) because it just adds guilt to my sadness, frustration and anger. Your problems are big for you and your family. Solving them will put your boys on a path of hope and success and that’s important. Your boys need help and support and to be able to feel good about themselves. You are doing what you need to to help ensure their future success. Don’t feel guilty about struggling through the trials that Heavenly Father gave you. The struggle is what changes you to the person that Heavenly Father wants you to be.

  3. I love Melissa’s comment. I, personally, have been in such a foul mood lately (or for quite a while now) and feeling so “woe is me” about everything. I hate being so negative all the time. And I feel guilty because my so-called problems are so miniscule in comparison to what is going on around the world or even some personal issues my friends are having. The thing is… you are living your life and your trials are huge to you. That’s totally okay! Everyone has a different trial (or multiple trials) and everyone reacts differently.

    I think I’m starting off on a tangent that has nothing to do with your post, so I’m going to quit now. I also don’t mean to be preachy. I just wanted to stop by and say “Just keep swimming”. That’s all most of us are doing anyway.

  4. Just keep swimming.
    Your children are lucky to have a mother who cares as much as you, and who is willing to change things if necessary. Yes, change is hard, but sometimes change is right and many people –too many people– are afraid to change. Do what you need to do, just keep swimming. You are awesome and your family is lucky to have you.

  5. I love the “just keep swimming” saying. It needs to be my new mantra! When people quote “this too shall pass” or ” God only gives you as much as you can handle” etc…just makes me mad! They aren’t comforting or inspiring to me, but keep swimming is perfect!
    Pushing against the education system and fighting for your children “advocating” are exhausting! Never ending and oh so necessary, as you know. Hang in there. What ever changes you decide upon….well, go with your instinct. You know what’s best for your kids and family. Only you.

  6. I agree with Zen Mama, you’re doing great things, and great things happen 1 step at a time. Nice! Just keep swimming, it’s excellent for the upper body.

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