Phase one

So back at Christmas Time I promised Mr. Wonderful that I would make him a new quillow to replace the old tattered one that he loved so much. The one from his childhood. He loves the pocket that he uses for his feet. Really who wouldn’t? So what if he’s a grown man and has a blankie. Oh have I said too much? Dang! This could result in some marriage counseling or conversations on boundaries at the very least. Maybe I should stop now.


Anyway I finished sewing all the strips that I had cut out and guess what. It is neither long enough or wide enough. You see I’m not working from a pattern, I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal (sometimes). Who new that you would lose so much length in the sewing of the strips? I guess a real quilter would have. I have plans for the width, but now I have to get more material and add some length. Its no biggie, just requires more time. I also am not thrilled that this turned out to be a theme quilt. Neither Mr. Wonderful or I are theme people. Well anyway here is what I have so far.

Maybe I should just make this a baby quilt and start over with a less Nautical look.


3 thoughts on “Phase one

  1. I love quillows! My grandma made me one when I was 10, and althought I don’t use it regularily, I refuse to get rid of it (much to Miles’ chegrin). As for the theme, perhaps you secretly have a dream to home-school your children whilst sailing the 7 seas on a yacht….don’t let go of your dreams, Al!!

  2. I need to fix Ches’ Bambi quillow. I could make him a new one (he would REALLY appreciate it), but I can’t bear to think about throwing away Bambi, even if it is pretty shredded up at this point. We ALL love that quillow.

    Umm, when you’re quilting and using multiple patterns… they are all themed. Hate to break it to ya. But that’s what makes a quilt so great, is how well the fabrics go together. I like the nautical theme you have going on there. I wish I could be up there, quilting with you!

    • Not all quilts are themes some are just a great composition of colour. That was more what I was going for. I know I purchased the nautical fabric, and should have known, In fact I thought it would be worse than it is. I just wanted Blues and Browns but I couldn’t match them that well without sticking to theme and at home the colours are different than in the store. Our fabric selection up here sucks compared to yours and it costs twice as much.

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