Terminator 0.25

With lines like “I’ll be back” and scenes with a semi jumping an overpass, how can you not enjoy a terminator movie. I’ll admit that there is some questionable scenes and violence and language. In fact I would never let my boys watch any of the movies, but I had a rebellious streak when I was a teen, that came out in forms of entertainment, but only to a point cause truthfully I cannot handle violence or anything gooey. I spent most of the beginning of Return of the Jedi with may face behind my hands with my fingers in my ears singing the theme song to Smurfs. I’m o.k. now. Having boys has helped me to make it through most of the movie.

Now where was I.. Oh yes, Terminator. For those of you who don’t know (because you are far better than I), the premise of the story is the invention of smart machines that eventually take over the world here. Well today we just sent my eleven year old to school with a netbook. Yes you heard that right, my ELEVEN YEAR OLD. It seems the focus on printing/cursive/ penmanship of any kind has given way to the glory of Time New Roman. I’m not saying this is the end of the world I just think its a shame that the art of handwriting is going the way of the dodo. Tweedle D however, is thrilled and Tweedle E is so green with envy that he is threatening to stop any form of legible paper communication so he can have one too.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my computer, I like the ease of looking up stuff, I like that I can send emails and documents without having to warm up my car in -31 degree weather. Plus I don’t have to put my makeup on. I like that I can post my journal online and that it isn’t taking some room up on my shelf, but if the power went out, armed with a pen or pencil, and a good dictionary, I could complete a assignment because I know how to write. Sometimes I think we rely to heavily on machines.


2 thoughts on “Terminator 0.25

  1. For students with writing difficulties (e.g., diagnosed with dysgraphia), computers can be a definite advantage in reducing the stress of having to produce written work. Sending my dysgraphic high-schooler to class with an iPad has had a hugely beneficial effect on his work — especially in classes where they have to keep journals or take notes on-the-fly.

    • I know that this is a perfectly acceptable adaptation for the classroom, and I think it is necessary for my son. I just have a problem with the fact that I have been asking for help since he was in grade one and have been constantly told its nothing, he just needs to try harder or at least he isn’t as bad as other children. Now six and a half years later they think he needs help. I think a lot of his could have been avoided but he wasn’t high enough on the priority list to get help. Only two children per grade get to see the OT and she only comes once a year.

      I hope that not only will this help him with his notes, but he will be more organized. No more losing of assignments.

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