Disorganized Chaos

Is that even possible? It seems kind of redundant to say your chaos is disorganized, but that is how I feel. There is so many pressing things and so little time to do them in. I am sure that I am not the first to feel this way and I am positive that I won’t be the last.

You would think that having children in school would make your life easier, but I am here to say nay. Yes there is less fighting… er … um during the day as they are neatly separated from each other and you. And yes they aren’t going around behind you messing everything that you just cleaned up. But make no mistake their little bodies are multiplying chaos even though its not before your eyes.

Case in Point:

Introducing Tweedle E. A loving selfless young boy who lives up to the definition “a noise with dirt on it.” He is active and cannot sit still thus his vibrating hands make it impossible for food to stay off his clothes. He is also a collector… of anything. Anything that exists and can fit into his hands (paper, rocks, sticks, stickers, peak-a-poohs, backugans, silly bands, crayons, etc) will undoubtedly make their way into my home where they will receive some sort of refugee status, and then end up under foot.

Children are not the only ones. All people are little atoms of chaos, where their bodies are the nuclei surrounded by little electrons of schedules, dirty laundry, dishes and paper. I have tried for years to come up with some sort of system to balance and bring order to all my surroundings, but its hopeless. I have tried lists. I have tried a timer. I have tried the “Just do it” method. I have tried enlisting my children. I have tried rotating days and most recently I have tried a combination of all theses. Fly-Lady. I have failed.

I haven’t given up completely, but I can feel it starting to slip away. In trying all these systems, I have discovered that I HATE CLEANING! I hate doing a job and then turn around and have to do it all over again, weather it be hours or days later. I also hate being told what to do. I like to have a schedule but I like it on my terms and although I am the one who made the list, it still stands as a symbol of an outside official telling me what I must get done.

edited: I began this post in december all the same feelings are there, but I really am less fly and less lady than I was a month an a half ago. Now I am back to my old ways… which aren’t working.

Laundry is the worst. I think it has become my mortal enemy. That and Legos.  Strange phrase, “mortal enemy”, does the mortal refer to my enemy’s mortality or mine? Anyway… one day I will be going up the stairs to do laundry, trip on some Lego and that will be the end of me. Mr. Wonderful will come home, see my kids playing Wii and  find me under a pile of dirty underwear. What a way to go.




3 thoughts on “Disorganized Chaos

  1. I can’t help you, I’m in the same disaster zone. I know that in my mind there is organization, that my time is organized, and that in my heart is a desire that my surroundings also be organized, but I will die one day in paper and that will be that.

  2. I hear you. One of the things that is saving me is a good friend who made it her plan to come and help me. (She did that because someone did the same thing for her.) Anyway, the best thing she came up with was containers. Containers organize the chaos, especially when the chaos is piles of papers (my husband’s problem) or piles of small miscellanea. So perhaps Tweedle E. can have his own box where his collections go. The wonderful thing about this is that nothing needs to be organized within the box. It just goes in the box, and then it has a place. In my house, I find, when things have “a place”, there is less chaos. I do not offer this as a universal cure-all or something revolutionary that will automatically help everyone. It’s just one small thing that helped me immensely.

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