Linky Links Disguised as a Real Post.

Today, January 17th, is statistically known as the most depressing day of the year.

Weather: -24 C

This morning I have already had problems with a tenant, and delivery of washing machine is being delayed. At least I didn’t kill the class pet. He survived the weekend!! Yay. Although Harold’s survival is something the be happy about I am afraid that it might not be enough. So when I passed by this, I couldn’t help but smile and share.

Photo From V. and Co.

Now I just need to get off the computer and go clean something. Then I might be able to justify sitting at my machine. Oh and maybe I need some pink material. What are the odds that I have some in my house? Yah I thought so too. Not Good!


6 thoughts on “Linky Links Disguised as a Real Post.

  1. I think that it would look super cute if you used kahki for the main body and Camoflage for the heart. You may be able to sneak some hearts and flowers into your boys room that way. And I’m guessing that you may have both of those materials on hand even if it’s just some worn out t-shirts.

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