Get The Picture

So I received a generous Christmas Bonus this past year. I had planned all year what I might do with said bonus should I get it. Last year, my previous bonus  was going to a Camera and an ipod touch, but then Tim needed suits and I needed new shoes. Since I didn’t have enough for the stuff I decided that I would use what was left for a Trip to NY to visit my sister. I did and it was fun. but I regret not having a good camera to capture the moment.

This year I vowed if I got such a bonus again I was going to buy a camera. I have been researching all year long. I had Narrowed it down to a Canon T2i or a EOS 60D. They fit my hand better and seem to have the features that I want for a more economical price. The 60 D is the one I really wanted but the T2i was more in my price range. I also decided that Boxing week is the best time, the prices are more to my liking.

I got the bonus on Friday the 31. I was going to go get the camera right away, but my husband had other plans for his time and store close early on New Years Eve. I decided I would be patient. I can wait until tomorrow, but again others had plans so my desires were again put aside. I was sort of ok with it,  after all boxing week is extended to January 6th. I’m patient. It pays to be patient. Right?

Well not this time. Yes boxing week is extended, but it never occurred to me that my two potential cameras would go off sale. I guess prices ARE subject to change without notice. This sucks and now the T2i is just beyond my reach. I am so mad. I mad at others for pushing their schedules (sleeping, bakery game etc.) ahead of mine, but I am mostly mad at myself for not making my desires more heard. I don’t want to wait another year. I’m also afraid that mysteriously something expensive will be “needed” like last time and again the camera money will have to be used. I wonder what it will be this time. I bet it will be the dentist. I need to go see one. Maybe something on the car will go. What ever it is I am sure you get the picture.

5 thoughts on “Get The Picture

  1. Oh Alyson I am so sorry, I hope you get your camera. We used our Christmas money this year to get the T2i and we are loving it. Feel free to borrow it when you are feeling down!!! I will cross my fingers you get your camera this year. We got ours for a really good deal at Costco, it came with a bag and an extra lense!

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry! have you tried Vistek? they have good prices and I notice there is still a fairly good rebate if you are getting only the body…worth a try. If I were you I’d put that money under the mattress and don’t tell anyone. save it for the camera! so worth it. good luck!!! I hope something works out for you soon.

  3. Yay for you! Enjoy spending that bonus on a much deserved camera. They are so fun. My theory about life is that it’s short and meant to be captured. Enjoying capturing yours in this new way!

  4. Look into Nikon’s… I have the D80, which is lower than the current favorite D200, so prices have seriously dropped. You could also check out, I am friends with three photographers who swear by them…

  5. I’m so sorry. It’s so frustrating when you think you have it all figured out and other things get in the way. I agree with Eden. Put that money under the mattress until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Also: yay you for getting a Christmas bonus! I didn’t think those things existed anymore. It’s been years since we’ve seen one.

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