All is Calm, All is Bright.

Its wednesday again. The boys are at scouts and cubs and the man is in meetings. After the rush of the meal and the finding of the woggle, its nice to take this moment to be with myself and reflect.

As I walk around the house and look at the tidying I am to do, I notice all the lights are on. No biggy, we were rushing and finding a woggle. It happens a little more than I like, but I don’t mind. At least not tonight. For some reason there is a sense of peace. Weird eh/ huh?

I just found out the car needs new brakes, like NOW! I should be freaking but I’m not. I’m not done Christmas shopping. I still can’t find that “something” for Tweedle D. You know the gift that when opened, a choir of angels sing “LAAAAAAAA.” I think the only thing that would get that reaction would be an ipod touch, but since that is out of the realm of possibility, I guess he, and I, will have to settle for a mustered up “yay.”  I am not freaking out about that either. It is what it is.

I guess for the next couple of hours I will be at peace… till the noise and the chaos (aka Tweedle D and Tweedle E) come home and start in on each other. Then its bed.


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