I Let the Kids Decorate the Tree.

I can hear you. Your collective gasp is deafening. How could she let them do that? Doesn’t she want a love colour co-ordinated tree. Perhaps one like this.

Picture courtesy of christmastreedecoration.blogspot.com

Yes, Yes I would, but unfortunately a lovely decorated tree doesn’t come with a clean living room, cushy sofa, and cozy fireplace. I know I’ve looked.

Truth be told, I had to leave the house while they decorated. I know myself, and I know that I would have taken all the joy out the experience. I would have tried to produce the whole scene and then there would have been tears or grumpiness.

So all I did was get out the boxes, put together the tree, add the pine garland (A.K.A. tree extensions or tree implants.), and light it. I gave them instruction on where the ornament box was upstairs and left to run an errand.

In true boy like fashion, they ignored the box of ornaments and just grabbed the left over handmade and tacky (handmades aren’t all tacky just o be clear) ornaments that were in my light box. Here is a sample of their work. The tree is changing all the time as the boys like to relive the moment daily.

Here it is in black and white… not looking so bad, but wait. Here comes the colour and a cutie model showing how to change things around.

Conveniently, the cleanest view of the tree is also the side that has the ornaments on it. The rest of the tree is pretty much bald.

I think we should open a design company don’t you?


4 thoughts on “I Let the Kids Decorate the Tree.

  1. I don’t see any tacky ornaments. You want to see tacky? Come to my house!! 🙂 I let my boys put the ornaments on the tree, too. We have a lot of clustering going on. Every time I try to spread them out, someone comes along and puts them back. We have several branches with about 5 ornaments hanging on the same branch.

    I like to call it “eclectic”.

  2. Make tweedle 3 a permanant spot in front of the tree. Dress him constantly in an appropriate Christmasy outfit/sweater/hat or headband and you won’t even notice the “tacky” tree. Every time you walk in the room you’ll think you live in a Saturday Evening Post cover (except for the bored toddler tantruming in the corner). The plan is guaranteed to give new life to your Christmas decor.

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