… you snuck up on me when my back was turned, and now my plans to have the tree up and adventing are kinda smooshed.

There is still time for the tree, but my plans to have a non-chocolate vintage calendar for this Christmas is over. My Grandparents had two. One that was like the one above and a victorian one. When you open the windows there is a bible verse. I was hoping to have it become a part of our routine as we get ready for bed.

Anyway I have been hunting for one on and off since October, but only found ones similar to what I want today. And guess what… I am already two days behind. I guess I could just get one for next year and settle for the chocolate this year. Or I could pull out the book I made years ago with a scripture, story and song for each day, but that makes the bed time routine far too long. We already have prayers, hugs, kisses, high fives, fist bumps, handshakes, more hugs, another kiss, a tummy tickle, rock paper scissors, drinks, singing I love you, bathroom, see you tomor-ee-ooo. Multiply that by 2 and 1/2. Tweedle D is sometimes just good with a hug and a kiss.

Well I have to think about it some more. These are kind of perfect though and I need a plan to protect them from little finger that will want to tear them.


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