A Little on the Anticlimactic Side of Awesome

So here are the stats:

Run: 8K

Temp: -17 C

Conditions: Cold, snowy, icy

Time: 1:01:34

I should be proud. I finished. I finished under less than perfect conditions. But it was hard. I felt slow and then I looked at my Garmin. I was slow. I tried to pick it up and did in places.

I ran the whole thing… except for when I had to take off my mitten so I could put my ear bud back in, so I could listen to my less than stellar playlist (ipod nano 1 gen you failed me). Anyway, as I was putting mitten back on I realized I couldn’t cause my hand was sweaty. So was the inside of my mitten. Kinda reminds me of when one uses the bathroom in a swimsuit and has the darnedest time putting it back on because  water isn’t the best lubricant. But I digress.  Anyway I did what any normal sane person would do, I took off my other mitten so I could put first mitten back on, because that makes sense. That was at kilometer 4. Now I had two wet mittens that wouldn’t go on my sweaty hands. Thats when I started walking. Luckily the day before I was given advice to bring sock or an extra pair of gloves, so I dug them out. Now that probably took less time than it did to tell you this but it felt long.

I walked also in one more spot. I told Mr. Wonderful that I would call him when I was getting close so they could be at the finish line for my spectacular entrance in to awesomehood. My speed-dial button didn’t work. So the I had to scroll through past calls (which took all of 3 secs.. maybe) to dial. I walked then too. So basically I ran the whole thing.

I was sure tired. We didn’t even stick around for the post ceremony and prizes. All I wanted to do was go home, get warm, and go to bed. I should tell you some cool parts as I fear I am starting to sound a bit like a whiner.

Cool Part No.1

We got headlamps. You see it was a night run. Although the path was well lit and extremely well marked, even I couldn’t get lost. There were some parts you needed the lamp, like when crossing the underpass at crowchild. But that wasn’t the coolest part. The coolest part was you could see all the fasties because of their bobbing lights and then when you turned around you could see all the people behind you, but they weren’t people, they were lights. I’m sure it looked pretty cool to all those driving by. I know it looked cool to those of us running.

Coolest part No. 2

Just before we ran they asked us to close our eyes. Now imagine going for a run in that. About half of the people running were blind. I gotta tell the blind have some pretty good athletes. Some ran without guides which to me is AMAZING, and then there were some who ran with guides, which is pretty amazing too. I didn’t choose this race because of the blind. I chose it because it was on a saturday and I wanted to do something cool with some friends fitness wise. What I gained was awe and respect for those who are visually impaired. As I said it before they are AMAZING.

Now that my story is out maybe it was a little closer to awesome after all.


11 thoughts on “A Little on the Anticlimactic Side of Awesome

    • No pictures. Sorry my dear. In all of the hullabaloo we for got it. Coach leslie took some but she said not to hold my breath on getting these. She has pictures from my first run that I haven’t gotten. Oh well.

  1. Totally cool, Al, I’m sitting here reading this at work (I mean, I’m working very hard) and am in such awe that teeny tiny tears have come to my eyes. At the reception desk no less, so now people think I’m having a bad day. But it’s a good day, cuz it started with a great story and a great example!

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