1. Nintendo 3DS release

2. A designer conference in Pasadena California

3. Oakville Santa Clause Parade

What do these things have in common? Any guesses? Its pretty hard. I’m not sure if you will get it.

Drum Roll Please. Insert tongue roll

They are all taking place on the day I run with the blind. Yep we are days away from my 8k race?

Am I prepared? Not like I would like to be.

Do I think I’ll finish? Oh yah no problem.

Will I reach my goal of finishing under an hour? I don’t know…I hope I do. My training has been pretty sketchy for the last month, but it is possible. I’m pretty close.

What is my biggest fear? Its the same as always… I’ll get lost, or come in last, or even worse come in so late that they are all closed up and everyone has gone home.

What am I going to do this week to prepare? Contrary to popular belief I will take it easy. You know, save my N R G. I will eat well (I hope) and have pasta the night before… maybe spaghetti with chick peas and tomato sauce. I think I saw a recipe for that somewhere. I will also get some rest, I am fighting a cold right now. I will also watch the following video to get pumped. Maybe a couple times… cause I’m cool like that.


5 thoughts on “Tribond

  1. I think you should skip the race and hit up that conference in Pasadena. And then you could skip the conference and come play with me. Now THAT would be fun!

    I’m just sayin’ …

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