More Ends

This is something I’m working on. Just an idea. Here ya go Kim.


3 thoughts on “More Ends

  1. I really like it!! Two comments…

    I think you should do a king sized quilt if you have a queen bed. Heard that on HG tv on some show. It hangs better and is more esthetically pleasing….also there is more to share….

    The other thing is, do you think in the dead of summer you are going to still love the tree that looks semi- fallish? Not saying it’s not a super cute design idea cause it is…but if you’re going to do all the work I hope you’ll like it year round for years to come.

    That’s all. Love yah!

    • I know, I am worried about getting board of it. I was only planning on bringing it out in the winter as that is when I’m freezing. I also am of the mind tat something more classic might be better. I have other ideas too. Like one with a modernized dandelion fluff.

      I probably won’t even do it because the Space and Time continuum is against me.

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