The Right Grey

About 2 years ago I was watching Joe commercial and their whole collection was grey. Grey sweaters, grey leggings, grey T-shirts. Literally everything was grey and it brought back that part of the 80’s where horizontal stripes and harem pants reigned. In 30 seconds all the suppressed memories of crazy fashion and big hair came back. It was everything that Stacy and Clinton were warning against. I need colour I said. Then I promptly went to my room, closed the door, and vowed not to come out until the world had gained some sense. Ok I didn’t really do that, but every time the commercial came on I changed the channel, you know to protest. I’m sure Joe knew .

Fast forward to now. Well Grey you wore me down and now I am “in like” with you. Maybe a little more than like. I can’t be “in love” with you yet, because you still seem to pop up in the worst places… like my head. That is not the right grey.


After watching your buddy Nate Berkus put together a room, I almost ran to the store, bought paint and painted my kitchen cabinets. Did I mention that I was impulsive? I wonder where Tweedle E get it from? Hmmm. Anyway Grey, I almost did go shopping,  but I restrained as I am not sure how committed I am to you or you to me. I’m not sure if we are good together. Are you the right grey?


6 thoughts on “The Right Grey

  1. I, myself, have fallen victim to the grey parade. My walls are grey – I’m looking at grey furniture. Your post made me reconsider the white and grey striped sweater I just bought….sometimes you just need a little grey to get you through your day as a pick me up. I don’t know if it’s the right grey – but it sure is right now.

  2. I wasn’t familiar with Nate Berkus before reading your post, but I took a look at his web site. I am not usually a catty person, but I have to say, he might actually be handsome if he’d just STOP SMILING.

    Also, I need colour too, and I remember thinking how icky it was that fashion had suddenly gone grey.

  3. I have always been in love with the right grey. It started with looking at the sky in the Yukon, and realizing that a grey sky had so much colour and life and … and that’s when I fell in love.

    But I realize that as a colour for clothing, it does little for me, and I have to stray from my favourite colour to chose colour. I will, someday, have the right grey walls.

  4. That’s funny. Last year when all this grey/black/beige stuff started I was working at a womens clothing store. The main complaint for months was “Where’s the color?” I think desiners fall in love with a visual (which admittedly looks awesome) and don’t consider that most people don’t want to be grey every single day. So buy the awsome grey sweater or paint your walls the color of the Yukon sky but accessorise in Technicolor.

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