Sew What?

I once thought of doing a sewing blog that would be called just that. But then I would have to sew, and like often. Since I am still on my ironing board cover from may, I have a feeling said blog would enter the piles and piles of weber junk (you know the discarded pages that people have forgotten to delete.).


Anyway that is neither here nor there… or anywhere. I did however have a reason to come to post this. Kerflop/ Very Mom  is having a giveaway for a calendar with over a hundred sewing projects. Wait is it really over 100… I’ll be right back…. Yep over 100. All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog Balancing Everything, and maybe one on yours, and if you have a twitter account you might want to leave on there too. Man that was laborious, but probably not as laborious as trying to find all those entries. Wait don’t they have an app for that?

Any way check it out. You might like.

Also she rarely has the comments on so feel free to take this chance to say hi. You never know when that will happen again. Good Luck


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