Why, oh Why, oh Why can’t I be grateful.

Yesterday was thanksgiving. We spent the day with family, quading in Mclean Creek. Yes we did. Let me say it was fun. I didn’t hate it. My kids loved it and so did Mr. Wonderful. Fun was had by all. Really anything can be fun when you have good food (hot dogs) and good friends.

Today I found myself in a pretty good mood. Talked on the phone, made my bed, did dishes and cleaned the bathroom. I took the kids to the doctor and went to the bank. It was a productive day. Nothing to complain about. I was feeling pretty good about myself and my situation in life until… A friend told me she was selling her house.

Her house is a inner city duplex. She has put a lot of work in it to make it nice and she deserves all that she can get out of it when she sells it. I thought wouldn’t it be nice if you know it was reasonably priced… I could… I don’t know… maybe… consider buying it. Its in a good location and I could set my roots down and finally, just finally call a home my own. So I asked, “How much?”

BOOM! Just like that.

That was the end of my good day. I am so sick and tired of not being able to afford a house in this STUPID OVER PRICED CITY!!!! My wonderful husband works really hard to support his family so I can stay home. I don’t regret staying home, I actually like it, but that means living on one income. On top of that we have made a commitment to our ward to not move out at least for a while. So with a set geographic location I am very limited to my choices.

Don’t get me wrong. We are in a great location for us. We live in a good size house with outstanding rent. We have a big back yard and pretty good neighbours. I should be happy. I should be grateful even. If it wasn’t for this place I couldn’t stay home and raise my 3 outstanding boys. I like to think they are awesome because I have stayed home. Anyway… I should be grateful. I should be content. Yet here I sit all sad a grumpy trying not to take out my frustration on the children. Its not their fault the people of Calgary went house crazy 5 years ago.

Wow how quickly moods change when one measures themselves against another person.I need to stop. I need to feel better. After all it could be worse.


“This just in”

The first guy from the mine in chile is being lifted out.

Pity Party Over.




3 thoughts on “Why, oh Why, oh Why can’t I be grateful.

  1. Its not ungrateful to want my own place its just that I dwell on it all the time now. It doesn’t help that I live where I live. If lived in a more normal part of town, maybe just maybe I wouldn’t be seeing all that I don’t have and I would be more content with what I do have.

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