I Bought The Pie

As you may or may not know this coming monday is Canadian Thanksgiving. It is an annual holiday that occurs on the second monday of October and was proclaimed in Parliament on January 31, 1957 as

“ A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed … to be observed on the 2nd Monday in October. ”

Thank you wikipedia

In our house it is a celebration of thanks, but it also marks the beginning of the Holiday eating. Every year we have a turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and a vegetable (peas& corn). There are also the yams with or without marshmallows, and bread. After that there is the pie; apple, pumpkin and in the case of the Mckinnons lemon meringue as well. There is pressure to put on the feast of all feasts, with a million different dishes and homemade pies. I start menu planning in September and always half way through the process I realize we are only 5 people, we cannot possibly fit all that food on our tiny table let alone into our tiny stomaches. I know left overs are awesome, but after 3 days it gets old. So then I am forced to edit some of my faves for what is practical. *sigh*

But this year I have decided to have a better attitude. Since halloween is on a sunday and we are choosing not to trick or treat, I feel the universe is telling me this is my chance. My once in blue moon moment (next one being 2021) to break or defer my gluttonous tendencies. We are having turkey, we will have mashed potatoes, we will have stuffing, but I am not going to make very much and we will have roasted vegetables. I only have one pie and I bought that and its not pumpkin sorry.

Besides I have a race to run, I’m down 2 pounds I am not going to ruin that.


One thought on “I Bought The Pie

  1. You’ve got all the most important ingredients for Thanksgiving, and it’ll be a lovely day for your family. I love how you called it the beginning of holiday eating. So true! Good for you for taking control!!

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