Running With The Night, Playing in the Shadows-Lionel Richie

I have done it. I have signed up for another race. I have roughly 8 weeks to get ready. It would have been 9 1/2 but I am a procrastinator… and pure. I have a goal to get my 8K under 1 hour and I am so close. I plan to follow a strict regimen of M W Th S running and eating well. I am off the pop so I can sleep better. I figure if I lose 5 pounds too, that should help with my speed. Now I just need to get myself to bed on time so I can run early in the morning. So not looking forward to that part.

Should you feel so inclined to donate to my cause leave me a message or send me your email so I can solicit your contributions. I have a goal to raise $250. I am at $0. Here is my screen shot. Anyway I am running to support activity and sports for the blind. It is a night time run and I will be running with blind people. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it.

Thank you for your support! This page tracks your progress so you can reach your fundraising goal.

As of Monday October 4, 2010 11:14:45 AM

My Fundraising Summary
Amount Raised Online: $ 0.00
Amount Raised Offline: $ 0.00
Amount Raised: $ 0.00   [ 0% of goal ]
Fundraising Goal: $ 250.00
Number of Sponsors: 0

5 thoughts on “Running With The Night, Playing in the Shadows-Lionel Richie

  1. So….are they running at night so the non-blinds feel blind? Or so the blind so run into traffic?
    This isn’t a poke at the blind – they’re very admirable people! It’s a legitimate question…
    I’ll get back to you on the donation part.

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