Un- Happy

These are pictures of when he was happy. See his cute man made dimple in the corner. He did that when he was about 17 month old. Long story. Anyway as he gets older the dimple is slowly disappearing. Our former Bishop said that it probably would disappear the morning after he gets married. Like we plan these things.

Today he went to go play street hockey with his friends… without permission… because his parents were asleep. Don’t worry, after about 2 hours of assuming he was reading upstairs, and a searching of the neighborhood. I spied him. He was alright. Thank goodness. He assured me he asked, but stated you guys were asleep so you probably didn’t hear.

When I saw him, I didn’t call him in. I wanted to pack up the car and lock the door and go out for ice cream, whilst leaving a note, you know, just incase he came back. That plan posed a few problems:

1. Its sunday. We don’t shop or eat out on sunday.

2. Its maybe too mean

3. The uncertainty of time. We didn’t know how long we would have to be gone to prove a point.

So we didn’t do that. Instead we asked Tweedle D if he would like dinner and dessert… but he didn’t hear us… because he was playing outside.


2 thoughts on “Un- Happy

  1. You’re so smart. I would have gone out there like some crazy banshee: screaming, arms waving, eyes flashing, hair flying… it would have been quite embarrassing. I should take more cues from you. 🙂

    I remember when he got the dimple. Can’t believe it’s disappearing. It’s just so… HIM.

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