Attempt no. 47 and an Apology.

I really haven’t been keeping track of how many times I have tried to write but it feel like 47.

I tried to write a review about soak-in -the world bath bombs, but it turned into a self deprecating story of human soup. Not something that one would want to advertise their budding buisness. Just so you know they are good. I just don’t know how to write about bathing. I am sorry.

I have tried to write about how sometimes when I drive my husband early to church, I get envious of all the people who have their sundays, but then it occurred to me that sunday wasn’t my day and I hadn’t earned it. I also thought that wasn’t very becoming of a Bishop’s wife, so I didn’t write. Again, I am sorry.

I also tried to finish telling about our vacation and how we almost slept at a rest stop for the evening because there was “no room in the inn” and how Tweedle E was losing it because there would be no hot breakfast, and no shower, we would look like vagrants as we tried to cross the boarder and never get home, but where I left off wasn’t all that great of a spot to leave off at and I had no pictures of us all soddy. For that I am not sorry.

I also tried to write about how the past weeks tragedies (not my own) have given me pause to think and how I hope for the next while I and everyone else will have a tragic free rest of the year and possibly life. But I don’t have any control over that and I also couldn’t write without sharing personal stuff that wasn’t mine to share… nor is the internet a place to share some of those things. So I won’t write about that either. However, I will write that I think it s important for us to have journals, diaries, or something. It does help both us and others much more than I realized. So I guess that is why I will continue to write but not about that, so sorry.

And Finally… today… I tried to write how I thought maybe I should be on an episode of Hoarders, because upon cleaning my bookshelf I discovered that I no longer have enough space for all of our movies and yet I couldn’t get rid of any because of this and that (mostly because the ones I wanted to get rid of were not mine). Just so you know I have never seen an episode of Hoarders and probably never will. I don’t think I can watch people’s lives disintegrate while they accumulate stuff. Too depressing and in some ways too close to home. Another story I cannot write about. So, like sorry ok.

In the end I guess the thing I am most sorry about is passing off this post as something but it was really nothing. A whole lot of nothing and you guys are too smart for that. So Sorry.


5 thoughts on “Attempt no. 47 and an Apology.

  1. Holy cow, I could have written this exact same post. I’ve done the same thing all month, NOT post about my life for this reason or that.
    I thought for sure I was going to blog today, but I’m so anxious about something else altogether there’s no way I’m going to blog. Maybe tomorrow? (laugh with me here because that’s probablynot going to happen either.)

    Sure wish there were photos of you vagrants trying to cross the border. I’m just sayin’…

  2. Don’t kid yourself into thinking this is an inadequate post – you blog about your life and experiences, and sometimes life gets away from us. You’re being honest for goodness sakes, don’t be sorry! Little snap shots like these can be better than big long stories and short or long, I love the way you write. Keep it up, and if life gets in the way, or if you’re more inclined to write in your personal journal rather than the public forum of the internet, so be it!

    PS – I hope you enjoy the first day of school tomorrow 🙂

  3. It has been awhile since I have been over to your blog and for that i am sorry because I love the way you write. You are so creative and so well spoken. LIfe is crazy sometimes and sometimes it can be hard to write about.

  4. I’m sorry I don’t tell you enough what an amazing woman you are and all you do amazes me each and every day. I love you and enjoy reading what ever you have to say. SMOOCH!!!!


  5. I think we all have a tendency to show the good stuff. Keep it positive and focus on the happy. No one likes a whiner. Or do we all have more in common than we think?
    The Truth is so subjective. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your point of view!

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