More Family Togetherness

After Leaving the SLC area we headed home, sort of. Once we reached Blackfoot idaho we turned off the I-15 and made our way to Craters of the Moon. Not having been there since I was 9, I seemed to forget how far off the Highway it was. In my defense, when I was 9, I wasn’t driving or in seat-belts. The back of my parents impala wagon was down and all 4 of us kids (sorry Kim you were still in-utero) were lying comfortably on our pillows. After about 45 minutes we finally arrived. Mr. Wonderful seemed a little disappointed in the surroundings. I must admit my first adult impression wasn’t all that awesome either, but we were there so we made the best of it.

The area is really beautiful in its own way. Its a sharp contrast to the rolling prairies and farmland that is southern idaho.

We climbed a cinder cone.

We checked out the Spatter cones (one had snow inside). By the way it was in the 90s while we were there.


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