In a Parallel Universe

In a parallel universe I would have taken dance lessons instead of piano. Or as well as piano. Regardless I would have taken dance lessons.

As a child I loved to dance. I danced all the time. My mom said I would often be found in the middle of the mall dancing. Anywhere there was music I was moving to it. In Jounior High, when you take that awkward social dance unit in Phys Ed, I loved it. I got my best marks. I loved learning the Jive from my dad and later my boyfriend’s Brother and Sister in-law. I really enjoyed being thrown around and doing stunts.

I just watched the finally for SYTYCD (So you Think You Can Dance) and Lauren won. She was one of my faves. So was Kent. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Every time I watch that show I mentally tell myself “If you took dance lessons you would be just as good or better.” The truth is I didn’t take dance, and the truth is I am not flexible. But who knows, if I had (taken lessons that is) maybe I would have won season 1 ( In that parallel universe). No wait I’m too old. Man the Space-time continuum sucks.


2 thoughts on “In a Parallel Universe

  1. You would have won for sure. How come you never took dance???
    At least you got to have the great privilege of playing piano duets with Carrie…that’s sort of a big deal.

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