10 days of Family Togetherness… con’t

After the Emigration Campground we parked ourselves on the floor of Mr. Wonderful’s cousin’s place. They have such a fun place. Chickens, goats, ducks and a kid quad. The boys were very satisfied. We were even entertained with an impromptu fireworks show in their front yard. Idaho is great like that.

The next day, we made our way to Salt Lake City Utah. We were seriously overheated. So after setting out tent up at the SLC KOA, we promptly jumped in the pool to cool off. Again no pictures. Oops! After dinner and a change of clothes we decided to walk around temple square and also scope out some sites to visit the next day. It was late after all.

Temple at sunset

The Tabernacle

The Assembly Hall

It was seriously warm. Utah did cool off a bit, but not much at night. It was so nice.

The next day was spent at Welfare square and Every Inch of Temple Square. Welfare square was cool and free. If you have a chance to go do. Lunch was at the Lion House Pantry Sooooooo Gooood and cheap compared to here. Actually a lot of things the locals thought were expensive we thought were cheap.

We met Mr. Wonderful’s mission president and we took a tour of the museum of Church History (I think). We also ordered documents at the Church History Library. There really was so much to see and do and unfortunately we didn’t get to do all of it. I wanted to see the capital building and hike Ensign peak. I also wanted to go to the “This is the place” heritage park. Maybe next time.

Tweedle D in The bottom bunk of a Ship @ the Museum.

Conference Center

We did take a tour of the Conference center and we got to see GateWay Mall. That is practically the coolest mall. well maybe not but its sure up there. It is an outdoor mall. That kind of thing would never work in Calgary. For 8 months of the year its winter or close to it so blah. But it works in Salt Lake.


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