10 days of Family Togetherness.

We are at home. Finally. I miss the heat of the south, but I think I missed my bed even more. After nine days of tenting and traveling via a car I am happy to be home. I enjoyed our family togetherness, but I am glad for space. We crammed a lot into our little vacation and now like most, I think a need a vacation from my vacation.

Here is Old Chief Mountain.

Snake River Campsite.

A visit to the Idaho Falls Temple and Visitors Center

Rainbow at Emigration Campground

We Camped There for 2 Nights/ 3 Days. There was hotdogs, campfires and a sloped tent site with a 7% grade. I exaggerate, but we did have a poor tweedle who woke up in the middle of the night half way to the tent door. Despite the terrain we had a great time getting reacquainted with family.

During our time there we made a trip to Bear Lake for a swim. Unfortunatly we forgot to pull out the camera. But really thats ok, you do not need to see pasty white me in a swim suit. Speaking of pasty white, we had 50 spf on but apparently that was not enough for me. You see Bear Lake is a Giant Mirror and will burn you to a crisp if you are not careful.


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