Mini Golf with the Minis

Tweedle 3 and his cousins Batman and Disney princess were in my mini-golf group along with their mom. They were so funny. Batman took his game pretty seriously and gave it his best. Tweedle 3 and Disney princess (who are 3 and 2 respectively) were really funny. T3 would pick up his ball run to the cup and drop it in. Then he would pick his ball up and practice hitting it into the cup. Disney princess would try but I think she was more into sabotaging my game. It started off with “walking into my ball”, followed by blocking it with he club, and finally placing her putter in the cup. With her putter in the cup, she was in prime position to twist it just in time to knock the ball out of the way. I hear stories all the time about Disney princess being a tease, but she is two and some of the acts didn’t seem intentional, but I don’t know maybe she was out to get me. It seems kinda suspicious.


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