So there is this game Beep. We play it all the time when traveling. Its great for learning your times tables. First you pick a number between 1 and 10 (you can choose higher but we haven’t got that far. Anyway each person takes a turn counting and if your number (say 3) fall on the multiple (3, 6, 9…15 etc), a number containing the chosen number (13, 34) or, just to make it interesting doubles  (11,22,33,44 etc.), you say “BEEP” instead of your number. Its Lots a fun. No really it is. If you miss-step then you are out.

So what does this have to do with my eldest Tweedles Birthday? He is ELEVEN and so “BEEP”.

Then there is the fact that I managed to lose the Camera, so that is two years in a row that I have not commemorated the event with photos. “BEEP”

We had somewhat of a disappointing turn out, but some still came. We Calaway-ed and mini golfed so all was not lost. I think I was more upset than the boy.

After the park we headed to “DQ something different” and we had burgers and tried to sing to the Birthday boy, but he was too embarrassed. Then we came home for a brief nap (me) before dinner and the family festivities. As for his Luma Cake: here it is.

Why don’t I have other pictures? Well this one was taken with Mr. Wonderful’s blackberry before the festivities and we forgot during. I am so awesome. “BEEP”

Happy Birthday Tweedle D I hope you had and awesome day. My Favorite part was the fireworks that just the two of us went to see. Not everyone gets fireworks on their birthday. I also reminded me of the night before I had you. After my friend epidural came to visit I was kinda just lying there feeling the pressure and out the window the fireworks started going off. The nurses wheeled me to the window so I could see them. 11 years later, we were sitting watching the fireworks and I marveled how quickly time flies. You are growing up. You are such a good guy and I am so glad you are in my life.


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