Tweedle “D”o Birthday List

I have one week. My oldest Tweedle will be 11 making it the last year of tweenhood. He will have one more year till he is officially a youth. One more year till it isn’t illegal for him to sit in the front seat. One more year till he is an Aaronic preisthood holder. One more year to finish his FIG goal book. One more year till he entereth the FOG. He is a good boy, it shouldn’t be too bad. Nevertheless I still have a birthday to plan.

When asked what he wanted, he replied, “Hmm, I dunno”. Maybe he really is content with what he has. Maybe. Then Tweedle E started making a list and now he wants:




I know weird right.? Anyway For his cake he has asked for a Luma cake. I am thinking cupcakes, but it might be easier to carve a cake than to make icing look like a round star (teardrop with appendages). Why couldn’t he just want srinkles? I can do sprinkles.

So as you can see I have my work cut out for me. I still need to confirm if this a family or friend party. At least the venue is “Free” meaning I won’t have to fork out extra money. We already have passes.

5 thoughts on “Tweedle “D”o Birthday List

  1. Well, at least he’s planning for his future with the page bright. He’ll never disturb his wife at night!

    Also, he’s probably planning on training himself to stay up late by reading into the early morning, so by the time he’s 16 and dating, he won’t have a problem staying up late with the girls. Make you feel better?? 😉

    • The thing is they don’t read at night. I tell them too if they are not tired, but that is the last thing they want to do. Reading is too much work. As for the planning ahead thing… maybe he will need the magnifier to read all his pill bottles when he is old.

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