Nursery Time

For those of you who don’t know, I was released from YW and am now serving in the Nursery. I do miss the girls… and its been a few months, but I love Nursery. I love my 8 littles and we are getting a couple more.

Every sunday we play, have snack, have a little lesson, sing, and play some more. What more could I ask for, really? I also have plans and ideas and so does the other nursery worker. We try things out, see what works and call it a learning experience.

I have been doing some research, and I would love a parachute, and am thinking of making a reverence rope. No I am not dropping these kids from someplace very high and the rope is not for tying them up, but I have plans. You know what? This could potentially be the BEST CALLING EVER.

I know you’re all green with envy.

One thought on “Nursery Time

  1. It is the best calling!
    Well, actually, I really really love being the RS Secretary, but I loved my several times in nursery so much! No one believes me when I say that it was my favourite calling, but Paul and I both agree that nursery is where it’s at! We should know, we’ve both done it several times.

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