What’s Red and White and Red and White and Blue all over? Me

Being half & half (half canadian and american) I tend to suffer from multiple personality disorder when ever this weekend rolls around. I would love to have the themed desserts, full on barbecue, and fireworks for both days but my body cannot take it. I want to be a flag waving sign toting patriot for both but this is just not feasible. The fact that Canada Day sneeks up on us 2 days after school ends doesn’t leave one much time to plan and then BOOM! There it is. The 4th is upon us and now its over.

We had our second annual Leavitt ” I Cana-do-it” Family Fun Run. We completed 2k this year. Whoo hoo. I have the participatory T-shirt designed by Tweedle D to prove it. That was followed by a nap and lounging around, a camp fire and 7 min of fireworks that we could see conveniently from my parents yard.

The 4th was spent Fasting (cause thats what we do on fast Sunday), church and a simple steak and strawberry salad dinner. Oh yah we were searching through the channels and found “Its A CAPITAL 4th” and watched about half an hour’s worth of singing and fireworks. Congratulations Reba on your award.

I suppose Canadians would plan more if their holiday arrived in the middle of summer like it does the Americans. Maybe Canadians would be bigger flag wavers if they had tried to separate from the Commonwealth, but they saw what happened to the neighbours south and said “its just easier if we don’t stir the pot.” That sentiment has stayed with us for 143 years.

Americans on the other hand had to constantly remind people that they were not another territory of the Brits.
“Hey aren’t you apart of the English family?”
“No! See we have a declaration and a flag. We are American.”
Now its just a habit and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just different. It makes for a good party and show.

Well now I am tired and it seems that my Canadian tendencies have won out again. Next year I will try to do better. Maybe I should start planning now…. Naaaaaaaaah.

PS: Can you imagine a movie called Canada Day? Wouldn’t that be exciting?


2 thoughts on “What’s Red and White and Red and White and Blue all over? Me

  1. I’ve always been a little jealous of the american hoopla over the 4th. *sigh* But there’s less Martha in me and more…..Julie Van Rosendahl (funny gal!).
    Happy! Happy! Whichever you’re celebrating.

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